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These highly realistic etched pumpkin portraits are a new innovative technique for Sand In Your Eye. Our professional pumpkin carvers have developed the skill of pumpkin etching and are ready to etch celebrities, animals, characters and anything else you like into pumpkins this Halloween!

gollum pumpkin carving uk

This multi layered etching technique means that you can give the pumpkin shading, tone and a stunningly high degree of realism. When lit the pumpkin etching glows and will impress everybody.

portrait pumpkins uk
einstein portrait pumpkin

As well as our 3D pumpkin portraits and all our other carved pumpkins, we think these etched pumpkins will wow anybody who sees them this October. One of our pumpkin etchings this year even ended up on TV! Our etched pumpkin portrait of Henry, the Blue Peter dog (and our pumpkin carver Jamie Wardley), featured on BBC‘s Blue Peter this Halloween.

bbc pumpkin carving
dog pumpkin carving

We can carve them at the Sand In Your Eye headquarters and then deliver them directly to a location of your choice, or take photos in our photographic studio and send these to you for your social media channels this Halloween. It’s as easy as pumpkin pie.

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