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Are you getting married? Have you just got engaged? Are you looking for something fun to catch your guest’s eyes and make for great photos and memories to look back on and remind you of your wedding day? Is your Pinterest page full of pictures of cool and original wedding ideas?

Maybe you are helping out a beautiful, bohemian but bothered and bewildered bride? Or looking for a special way to propose to your beloved? 

Here at Sand In Your Eye we have ideas to make your big day truly Instagrammable

Weddings are obviously very special and personal, a lot of brides and grooms are looking for ideas for unique aspects to each part of the wedding ceremony and the party afterwards from the dress, the rings, decorating the venue, down to small details like favours and table settings. 

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Sand In Your Eye have been making ice carvings for years now so when Claire and Jamie got married last year, it made sense to incorporate some innovative ice sculpture into their big day.

Like many couples they wanted their wedding to have a personal touch and everything was either made by local companies near their home in Hebden Bridge or handmade by themselves – including their wedding rings, which they themselves helped to craft at The Workshop Hebden Bridge

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The rings then went into a box of ice, made at the Sand In Your Eye studio and at the ceremony, Claire and Jamie’s daughter and bridesmaid Florence cracked into the box with a little hammer (closely supervised of course) and pulled the rings out so that Mum and Dad could get married. 

The wedding ring ice box looked great in the photos, and the guests thought it was a lot of fun.  It can be dressed with flowers or anything that might fit in with the wedding theme (Claire and Jamie put their rings on a bed of moss) or it can be lit with fairy lights to add some extra wedding sparkle. We can even make an ice sculpture around your rings. It will last for hours and comes with a specially constructed drip tray to contain the water as it melts and we can deliver it to your wedding venue anywhere nationwide.

No need to worry about your wedding rings either, we can meet someone before the ceremony and seal the rings inside onsite. It saves the best man worrying about losing them!

We can put pretty much anything into ice so if you are looking for an interesting way to give a gift or a special proposal idea we can help.

Please call our studio on 01422 706 945 if you would like something truly cool for your wedding or special event. 

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