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Crowds gather to inspect the house and check that the ice is real

With the weather becoming colder, Yorkshire Water invited us to create a house made from ice, just over 2.5 metres tall. The 4 tonne ice house sculpture was created in under 8 hours – in Fargate, a busy pedestrian area which lies in the heart of  Sheffield’s City Centre.

Hundreds of curious people travelling through the city stopped to watch the house being built. Myself, Jamie, Mark and Hannah created the ice house from 30 blocks of ice, each weighing around 125 kg.

The Ice House with its lagged pipes and tap

The house even came fitted with some copper pipework which Yorkshire Water representatives used to show how important  it is to lag pipes to prevent them from freezing over the winter period. Their staff were on hand to answer questions about their ‘Winter Ready’ campaign.

Lots of people wanted to have a selfie in the Ice House, both adults and children. And it was a good opportunity for Yorkshire Water to raise awareness of issues caused by cold weather on water supply.

Kids loved having their photo taken inside the ice sculpture

The Ice sculpture attracted more attention on Saturday before being cordoned off, dismantled and removed by the Sand In Your Eye Team that evening. Saturday night revellers were sad to see it go, but with this size of ice sculpture, the ice house would have lasted for days.

Revellers were amazed by the Ice House sculpture

As the city sprung into life on Sunday morning there was nothing to be seen, and not a single trace of the Ice House remained.

As the night drew in the ice house took on a new personality
The Ice house just before it was dismantled – after 30 hours of fame
Security fencing erected, ready to start building the Ice House
Jamie sets to work carving features into the front of the Ice House
Mark measures up the copper pipe for the Ice House

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