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Ice sculpture west yorkshire

Here at Sand In Your Eye – we like to think that we always deliver our projects on time no matter what the situation. This was pushed to the limit when we received a last minute enquiry to create two branded ice sculptures for the launch of a new Bacardi product. So what’s so special about that? Well, …..the project wasn’t given the go ahead until the day before the event! In addition, the sculptures needed to be delivered to the conference venue at a specific time the next day.

To make this possible Jamie wrapped up warm and jumped in the freezer to start carving as soon as possible. Claire started creating the designs and artwork, whilst I prepared the freezer and tools – and modified the display tables needed for this special event.

The branded ice sculptures were part of a short presentation – similar in format to Dragon’s Den, which was held at Asda’s offices and conference centre in Leeds, Yorkshire.  This meant the ice had to be delivered within a very specific time window. We were able to get everything in place so that we could set up the display tables and install the ice sculpture logos in around 2 minutes. Both the Martini Logo and ASDA logo ice sculptures were wheeled in and then the presentation started.

We waited until the presentation was over twenty minutes later. Then we were allowed back into the room to remove the ice sculptures which had barely started to melt and drain into the meltwater containers with not a drop of water on the floor.

Ice Sculpture logos
Martini ice sculpture

Asda were so pleased with the Ice sculptures that they asked to keep one, which they would put on display at their imminent Christmas party. Of course, Bacardi agreed and we more than happy to move the sculpture into Asda’s own freezer until their party could begin a few days later.

Ice sculpture leeds

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