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Have you seen pumpkins starting to appear in the shops? It can only mean one thing, Halloween is just around the corner! Here at Sand In Your Eye we are getting ready for the Hebden Bridge Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, 27thof October, when our little town in Yorkshire will be invaded by eerie Halloween pumpkins; some professionally carved 3D sculptures by our team, alongside some spine chilling efforts by members of the local community. The town will be spirited away with a lively and spooky atmosphere including music, food stalls and pumpkin carving and dance workshops. We hope to see you there!

It takes us back to all the pumpkin carving we were doing this time last year, especially some we made for Sony PlayStation, featuring some of their scary games characters. The team of Jamie Wardley and Yadgar Ali created a trio of pumpkins featuring the Alien from Alien Isolation, Baron of Hell from Doom and the T-51 Power Armour Helmet from Fallout 4. These 3D pumpkin carvings were highly detailed and intricate, and took our sculptors many hours to complete as can be seen in the time lapse videos of their carving.

All the teeth, ridges and slime that make up the frightening monster from Alien Isolation and the Alien films, designed by H.R.Giger. needed to be meticulously carved and meant Jamie had to get more up close and personal with her than most people would want to, however he says he enjoyed spending his day with her. It took a grueling 14 hours to get all the detail and poor Jamie’s eyes suffered and started to lose their focus just as he finished There’s only so long you can concentrate, but the finished job looked fantastic!

professional pumpkin carving yorkshire

Yadgar didn’t have a free ride with his creation, he had to go to great pains to attach the ginormous pumpkin horns to the Baron of Hell, I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth all the hard work.

Have you had any ideas for your pumpkin this year? We’re getting busy for this Halloween, there will be plenty of 3D pumpkin carving, stenciled faces, and perhaps some celebrity pumpkin carving. Why not have a look at some of our previous Halloween pumpkins for inspiration?

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