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Rooftop art at Trinity Leeds to celebrate Tour De Yorkshire

By May 2, 2018April 8th, 2024No Comments

TDY bike trinity leeds

Tour De Yorkshire has grown year on year into something very special for the county. Last year we created an anamorphic road painting of a Bradford Boar. This year we were approached by Trinity shopping centre in Leeds to create something pretty challenging even for us! With the help of the rope access team at PLA Window Cleaning, we created a 31 metre yellow bike on the glass-domed roof of the Trinity Shopping Centre!

Lucky for us, we have Jamie who obsesses over every detail of a project until he is pretty sure it work. One of our real passions for what we do, is to try and push the boundaries further, do something that really challenges us.

It took James and Rich two long days to cut all the pieces in the studio, label them as they pretty much all looked quite similar rolled up! James and Rich have such attention to detail, this was the perfect task for them. Check out some of the pumpkin carving James does with us and you will see what I mean! After a reccie with Seb and Ricky, who would be going up onto the roof to install the pieces , we were ready to go.

rooftop art sand in your eye

The weather was one of the most challenging factors to the install. Wind and rain were not a friend of ours over the days of the project. Ricky and Seb did an amazing job at working with us to overcome teething problems to make the project a success.

images seen from sky

Land artist uk

We are over the moon with the final result. We create all different kinds of land art from huge drawings on beaches to anamorphic, multi layer street art and road and field paintings, but this project was definitely a highlight. Everyone involved in the project all worked so well together and the hospitality of Trinity Leeds was fabulous. Thank you to everyone who helped make this project a success and good luck to all the riders on the final leg!

The project was unveiled by Sir Gary Verity, who seemed pretty impressed and Look North covered the story too. There is a selfie spot set up at the shopping centre so why not go along and check it out.

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