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Corporate team building event Yorkshire

Corporate team building events in Yorkshire

Our team building activities are designed to make a day out of the office something not to be forgotten. We can offer tailor made packages to suit most sized groups and budgets. Here are some reasons why our team building packages are so successful.


A team that can work well together will always be more effective, successful and productive. Our sand sculpture sessions make the most of bringing staff together, understanding and in turn utilising each individuals talents, to create something quite spectacular as a team. Good team work and learning to support each other in larger projects, are key to companies growing success. These types of activities can also be used to bond merging teams and deal effectively with restructures.


All of the activities we offer have a unique angle to them. This is we do professionally, we are experts in all of these disciplines. We make sand, ice pumpkin sculptures all over the world and have over 15 year’s experience. We have created many world first’s and still do. We love to innovate and we are passionate about what we do. That passion and enthusiasm is something we love to share. Check out our website for more details of what we do

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Sand sculpture that is geared towards creative problem solving and collaboration can identify key players within your teams.


Who is a natural leader?

Who can delegate effectively?

Who has confidence to push boundaries?

Who can solve problems with creativity and logic?


With our purpose built  indoor studio in West Yorkshire, you don’t even need to wait for a sunny day to have fun in the sand! We offer everything from a few hours to full day sessions depending on what works best for you.

indoor team building activities

Our ice sculpture sessions do make the perfect ice breakers! There, I said it! Delegates can work together in small teams to create their very own ice masterpieces. This is a great way to energise and motivate a team for the beginning of a company day. This is also a great way to socialize different departments within your organization, who wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to do so. Wellbeing and moral creates a more productive team, workshops like ice sculpture can reignite and refresh flagging moral after a busy or difficult period of time at work. They also make great entertainment at a corporate function. After the team day we can keep the sculptures to be delivered to your corporate event, as ice sculpture centerpieces. We can even transform some of them into drinks luges!

team building workshop light art

Light photography can energise even the quietest of groups. We can offer anything from small taster sessions to location based large scale art pieces! They make great photography, that staff will be talking about for weeks and even take the skill up as a hobby themselves.


The benefits of light painting are:


Promotes working collaboratively

Energisers to engage staff

Creative thinking

Identifying key talents

Team bonding

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Pumpkin and food carving is a fun and competitive activity. We make pumpkin carvings all over the UK for TV, film and PR. We can give a tutorial and then let the creativity flow! The wonderful part of pumpkin and food carving is that sometimes concept can override skill so you don’t all have to be master sculptors. This is a fun activity for all and popular choice that is inclusive of all.


For more information of what we offer, please click here to find out more.


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