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Sand In Your Eye’s penguin ice sculptures

It’s been a while since we last made an ice sculpture in Scotland, so it was lovely to be contacted by Dundee City Council to come up to Scotland to make some penguins for Dundee City Light Nights celebrations.


The live carve ice sculpture was well underway.


Yorkshire based ice carver, Jamie Wardley


Sand In Your Eye back in Scotland to create an ice sculpture in Dundee

It was a pretty cold day, so the little pre carved penguin was kept nice and chilled on the journey. Jamie and Rich got to work and created a live carved ice sculpture of a huge penguin for the public to enjoy as part of the Christmas entertainment in the city. Once the ice sculpture was complete, we had our trusty dress up box and everyone got into the festive spirit and had their photos taken with the penguins.


The penguin carved in our West Yorkshire ice studio


Christmas family events in Scotland


Penguin Ice Sculptures


Giant ice sculptures, Penguins.

It is always a pleasure to work with such lovely clients as the team in Dundee, even though Annie had a little too much fun breaking down the ice sculpture at the end of the weekend!

Annie breaking down the ice sculptures!

Annie breaking down the ice sculptures!

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