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sand drawing of a map of the world

A great shot of the world from the air

In the run up to the World Cup in Brazil, Professor Packaging got in touch with us as part of his experiment, will a raw egg break if you play football with it? Armed with his best packaging supplies and a team of freestyle footballers, they came down to the beach at Southport on a gloriously sunny day to test their theory.

sand drawing of a map of the world

As the tide comes in

Meanwhile… the Sand in Your Eye Team of Jamie, Claire and Tom had been on the sand nice and early that morning to prepare the playing surface with a map of the world and a few sand sculpture cones to give the football players a bit of a challenge.

Claire Jamieson making a sand drawing on Southport beach

Claire putting the finishing touches to the sand drawing

After a busy morning of drawing in the sand, everything was ready for filming the challenge. A team from Ironbird joined us to record the footage with their impressive octocopter, capturing some aerial shots before we took our bird up to get some photos.

Tom Bolland with an octocopter on the beach

Tom posing with an impressive machine brought down by Ironbird

This was Claire’s first sand drawing that and she took to it like a duck to water handling the rake like an old pro. The video will up on the PackagingProtection channel on Youtube soon and we can’t wait to see the finished film and if the egg survived?!

sand drawing of a map of the world

After Professor Packaging had finished his experiment

Here’s a short film of the drawing using our eye in the sky before the tide came in. Claire and Jamie were still working hard even at the end of a long day!

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