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Bournmouth University Sand Sculpture Camel

Bournemouth University Sand Sculpture Camel

Early this year I was very fortunate to be asked back to my old University where I studied would you believe Environmental Protection.  The Bournemouth University had commissioned Sand In Your Eye to make a sand sculpture in February of a camel whilst it was snowing and an Ice Sculpture in May of a castle whilst it was blistering sunshine.  I told Toby from the University that he had got it all mixed up!  The sand sculpture was to build awareness of their Student survey campaign with NeSSa the camel as their mascot, and the ice sculpture to promote some free learning for the local community at the University for the summer period.

When people learned that I studied at the University they would ask “I didn’t know they taught sand castle making here?”  I would then explain how my life changed when I said a friendly “Hello” to a sand sculptor all those years ago and how I took the opportunity to have a go when asked.  Even so, there is a Professor called Mathew Bennett who’s research claims to determine the best sand and water ratio for making a sand castle.   This would make an interesting read.


Bounmouth University Ice Castle

Bournemouth University Ice Castle

The University has a few new buildings and fancy computers but is essentially the same buzz of excitement that comes with learning, being young and having your whole future ahead of you.  I realized that I was once one of those people and was hit by a sense of nostalgia.


In my reverie I met one of my old lecturers Paul Kneller who taught me Health and Safety and Management which I am now very, very grateful for whilst at the time I remember thinking ‘why do I need to know this?’.  He also informed me that my mentor for my dissertation about lava caves in Iceland Christopher Wood has sadly passed away. Chris was an amazing guy and embraced his life to the full as I knew him.


Ice Sculpture in the Sun!

Ice Sculpture in the Sun!

My nostalgia for my lost youth vanished as quickly as it had appeared.   I believe that life is an incredible thing and we are so lucky to have it.  A persons life has phases that need to be each appreciated and enjoyed.  10 years a go I was a student and it was great, but that is in the past and now I am a sculptor and who knows what the future holds?  But right now, we must enjoy this moment.



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