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Cedric Robinson and Jamie Wardley with a sand sculpture

Cedric Robinson MBE admiring his sculpture

It is now the 6th year Sand In Your Eye has been invited by Simon to come along to the Morecambe Sand Castle Festival, where they hold a renowned competition each year.  Here we have a wonderful time inspiring folk from near and afar to make the most amazing sand sculptures with a couple of modest demonstrations and also with top tips from our sand sculptors Sam and Jo during a pre-competition workshop on Saturday.


families making sandcastles on the beach

A smashing day to make a sandcastle

This year we were celebrating life in Morecambe Bay and I got to make a sand sculpture dedicated to Cedric Robinson MBE, The Queens Guide to the Sands.  He is an inspirational character and has spent much of his life guiding people across the perilous sands of Morecambe Bay and his employer is non other than then Queen herself!  It was Cedric’s 80th anniversary and to celebrate he even had a book about his honoured post.


Jamie Wardley making a sand sculpture

Jamie showing everyone how it’s done

Sand sculpture of Cedric Robinson

The Queen’s guide to the sands presiding over Morcambe Bay


Andy Moss made a sculpture of another local character ‘Mr Hermit.’


Andy Moss with crab sand sculpture

Andy looking pleased with his crab

On Sunday all the sculptures from the competition were finished and it is amazing to see that there is so much talent in Morecambe and that people have learnt so much over the years.  Sand In Your Eye, you had better watch out!

Here are some of the best…..


igloo sand sculpture

An amazing sand igloo!

Robin hood sand and seaweed sculpture

A great entry to the competition, Robin hood in seaweed!

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