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American Indian sculpture

Jamie on his hands and knees getting in some more detail

It is my second year in Søndervig Denmark and always a pleasure to see my friends from the circuit and work for the ‘Worldwide Sculpture Organisation’.  It is also an opportunity to feel like I have a normal job as everyone here is a fantastic sculptor and it is our normal daily life just as everyone else.  Perhaps the difference is that we measure only hundreds on earth.

sand sculpture of buffalo bones

Sculpture by Jan Selen with the sand wall in the background

Denmark is also an opportunity to make something totally massive as the wall is now 145 meters long and 7 meters high.  It is totally huge and only 25 people tackle it in 9 days to make it one of the biggest pieces of art in the world.

big sculptures of native american indians

Anique Magee and Jamie’s sculptures being admired

The theme was the Wild West and we did a story that showed European migration from East to West powered by the industrial revolution and the steam engine locomotive.  Our section of the sculpture focused on the plight of the North American Indians.

several huge sand sculptures

Amazing sculptures by Oscar Rodriguez and Sue McGrew

The settlement drive of North America by Europeans was in direct conflict with the native population who were a nomadic people with no concept of land ownership.  What followed was one of the darkest periods of American history where Europeans systematically eradicated the Native Indians and their way of life.  Many great battles were fought and treaties signed that were in turn broken by the Europeans.

Western scene in sand

An incredible Wild West scene

However, it was in the end the near extermination of the Indians primary source of food and technology that starved them into submission.  The Buffalo population of 50,000,000 was by 1890 decimated leaving only 2,000 in existence.  Indian culture was at an end.

sand sculpture of horse and cart

The wagon train is passing through town!

My task was to make a giant Indian Face looking down upon the slaughter of his future.  Behind him is the culture that he had before European settlement in North America.  The rest of my team on the wall then made a giant soaring Eagle, Shaman doing the Sun dance and normal village life.

Giant sand sculpture of and Indian face

Jamie’s Indian face near completion

hope you like it!

Jamie Wardley

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