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On the 14th January a small team from Sandinyoureye ventured to Filey on a gloriously cold crisp winters day to make a test sand drawing for our summer Fallen project which has an open invitation.  Please watch this short film by Finn Varney:

The idea is to create a visual representation of what is otherwise unimaginable:   The thousands of Human Lives Lost during the hours of the tide during the WWII Normandy landings on the 6th June 1944.  It does not propose to be a celebration or condemnation, simply a statement of fact and tribute to life and its premature loss.

7,500 silhouettes of German Forces, Civilians and Allies will be drawn on the beach at the rate in which they died, only to be erased totally by the incoming tide as their own lives were.  There will be no distinction between nationalities, they will be known only as The Fallen.

Profoundly, the rate at which we will be drawing will also be equal to the loss of life per hour throughout the entire duration of the war.


If you wish to join in this project on the 6th June in northern France then please let us know.  Everything will be self-funded although we may share costs of travel.  Together we will make something that will be very special. Please contact We will need approximately 150 people, this may individuals, a group or a school.

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