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Trapeze artist

I arrived in Finland with nobody understanding what I was saying.  “Jamie, you are talking funny.”

I’d just been to a friends wedding in Denmark but other than that was straight out of Yorkshire and had not yet adapted to my foreign twang.  I spent four minutes trying to ask a new Russian collegue “How long has it taken you to get from Moscow?”  He couldn’t understand a word I was saying.

Then a Finnish friend interjected: “How many hours you travel from Moscow?”  He totally got it.  Kimmo who runs the event then gave me yet another lesson in English.  “Jamie, when you want suger you just look at the person and say “Sugar.”  Forget all this “May I have and please business!  “Sugar,” That’s all you need to say”

My time in Finland was spent making two lovely ladies flying on their trapeze. Julie and Victoria are still there swining away.  I miss them dearly.


My Girls

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