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From a sprinkle of sand to a twinkle of ice, a spooky Halloween pumpkin, a splash of paint across the grass or just a clever idea. Innovation, excellence, fun and sustainability are at the heart of what we do at Sand In Your Eye.


From the gigantic and monumental - to small enough to fit on a table.

Our sand sculptures impress and engage. Visitors to your public event will enjoy watching our sand sculptors at work, creating lifelike sand carvings to any theme.

View sand sculptures


A line in the sand, an image across the shore.

The beach continues to inspire us with beautiful landscapes and backdrops for our sand art. Sand drawings will make your message stand out and look great in press and social media.

View sand drawing


Enchanted ice sculpture trails bringing stories to life.

Wonderful ice bars and magical Christmas themed ice sleighs and ice postboxes – we’ll even throw in some cheeky elves to help you write your letters!

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Art within a landscape, field paintings across hillsides and green spaces.

Funky street art interacting with a vibrant, dynamic city – our land art uses environmentally friendly paints to communicate with an eye catching, jaw dropping images and style.

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All Halloween pumpkins have a personality and as professional pumpkin carvers we just help them find themselves.

They are not shy; a Halloween pumpkin loves to attend parties, PR functions and be on social media and TV! Our pumpkin trails, live carves and workshops bring these zany characters to a town near you.

View pumpkin carving


Our latest innovation.

These impressive geometric paper craft sculptures can be made to any theme and will amaze your visitors.

View paper sculptures


Bring our artwork to life with stop motion animation.

Our range of animation options are sure to excite and energise your audience.

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Join in the fun and learn the tricks of the trade at our pop up workshops for all ages.

We offer everything from corporate team building events to workshops for kids and families. In the middle of the country? No problem! We can bring the beach to you with our table top workshops!

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