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We are sand artists based in Yorkshire but we love nothing more than to travel across the UK making sand drawings and sand art. This drawing was in Scotland for our old friends East Neuk Music Festival. This year they wanted us to create an anamorphic sand drawing of Bach. So that’s what we did. Beach art like this usually takes us around 5 hours to complete. We love creating work like this. We created a quick time lapse too so you can see the drawing come to life. 

Sand Art

Sand drawings can be anamorphic, graphic and also abstract. It’s great to work around the beaches natural landscape such as rocks, pools of water and seaweed. We love creating large scale sand drawings, this one stretched would be around 80 metres long. Developing and innovating beach art is really important to us so you will often find us visiting beaches during our low season to work out new techniques and create our own pieces of artwork with the fantastic canvas our beautiful UK beaches are. 

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Sand Drawing
Beach Art

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