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Rich, James, Claire, Jamie and Rod posing with the polar bear

We were really happy to be invited back to Nottingham by Mellors Group to install their ice bar at Nottingham Winter Wonderland for the second year. This year they had doubled to space, to make the bar even better than last year! This years theme was an arctic theme. We created ice walls with whales and penguins swimming under water and even a 2 metre high polar bear! The bar is a huge horseshoe shape complete with 2 vodka drinks luges with ice booths and ice sculptures dotted around the space.


Early in November we set off from Yorkshire down to Nottingham once again. The bar took 8 days to be built and we are very happy with the results! The bar will be open until the new year so check it out and have your photo taken with the giant polar bear, he gives great hugs!

build ice bar sculpture festival events

The ice bar build is underway


Final day putting the finishing touches to the ice bar

claire jamieson james rodgrigo rich professional ice sculptors sand in your eye

Ice Sculptors, James, Claire, Rodrigo and Rich in the finished ice bar installation

drinks luge ice sculpture bar promotion pr

drinks luge, ice sculpture


Ice bar fitted complete with bespoke horseshoe bar


Huge ice sculpture of a polar bear

arctic ice sculptures ice bar christmas events

Arctic themed ice bar

claire jamieson ice bar finished

Claire photobombing the finished ice bar in Nottingham


James with his vodka luge


Ice booth with snowflake design


Ice bar, Nottingham


Ice wall with whale ice carving


Stag snow fill ice booth


Jamie Wardley and his polar bear


Owl ice sculpture


Penguins swimming in the ice wall



Whale ice sculpture



Walrus Ice Sculpture

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