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Pumpkin festival uk halloween events

So it finally happened! Our first pumpkin carving festival! Jamie and I had wanted to create a pumpkin festival for a few years now. We create pumpkins for all types of reasons towards Halloween. PR, TV, Private commissions and events. We thought that it would be great to create our own event where we live. The beautiful and creative Hebden Bridge. We wanted to create a festival that included everyone. Local businesses, schools, artists, community groups and families. We worked with Hebden Royd Town Council to engage with the locals to create the first Great Pumpkin Festival. After planning the event with Emma, we then got to work engaging with local businesses to get involved. We offered pumpkin carving workshops to pass on some of the tricks of the trade so they could create their own fabulous displays. In Hebden Bridge we are very lucky to have a community where people like to get involved in something different. We then set to work with our talented team to start to work on a series of pumpkins displays which would pop up around Hebden. Our team consisted of Myself, Jamie, Rich, James, Yadgar and Rodrigo.

Professional pumpkin carver uk

We managed to gain quite a bit of media attention on the run up to the parade day from BBC Breakfast, to Look North and lots of local and national press coverage.

professional pumpkin carving

Sand In Your Eye display at Hebden Bridge Picture House. Image by Craig Shaw

We created various different scenes including a frightened ticket booth worker at the Picture House, a cast away pumpkin, the Hippies of Hebden Bridge, and even a pumpkin kayaking down the river! One the day of the parade, we also create a live carve display in the square, with pumpkin carving workshops at the Town Hall and a trail map so everyone could follow the map to see all the wonderful window displays and our displays too. Also ghost walks by Emmerdale Star Ursula Holden Gill. In the evening it was time for the Great Pumpkin Festival Parade! People started arriving with their own carved pumpkins to watch the entertainment from Hebden Radio, Mr Wilsons Second Liners and Bazzmatazz! Mr Wilson’s Second Liners then led the parade through Hebden Bridge to the square, were prizes were given for the best pumpkins and window displays announced by our Mayor. It truly was one of the best events we have ever done and it meant so much more, as we were humbled that so many people got involved and supported what we want to create. Made even better that this was all from the people in the town we call home.

Pumpkin carving event giant pumpkins sand in your eye

Pumpkin sculpture sand in your eye events uk

Hopefully we will get the opportunity to make it even better next year and who knows what ideas can be realized!

pumpkin parade yorkshire halloween events

Pumpkin parade halloween

Pumpkin parade. Image by Craig Shaw

pumpkin festival

pumpkin festival. Image by Craig Shaw

pumpkin carving workshops uk halloween events

pumpkin carving yorkshire

Window Displays. Image by Craig Shaw

Pennywise halloween

Pennywise. Image by Craig Shaw

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