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This Halloween we created some Boom Beach Pumpkin carvings for ‘Waste Creative‘   – the digital creative Agency, on a Halloween project for Supercell software development.

The brief was to produce a short time lapse movie of two of the characters from Boom Beach, the popular online strategy game. Lt Hammerman and Dr. T were the characters chosen to be carved as 3D pumpkin carvings.

pumpkin carving boom beach

On this occasion Jamie Wardley and Yadgar Ali, were the professional pumpkin carvers up for the challenge. They got an early start in our new purpose built creative studio to ensure that the time lapse photography could take place as soon as possible. Pumpkins were matched to the chosen images and everything was secured in place ready to begin carving pumpkins.

halloween carved pumpkin

Once again Bez Burrows provided the photography and filming expertise, capturing the event and taking control of the editing to produce a polished end result for the client.

The carving and filming of the 3d pumpkins was completed over a single day with progress briefly hampered by a temperamental printer!

This was overcome and the project delivered on time nevertheless.

Lt. Hammerman looking pretty grumpy

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