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Many people have become inspired by the Fallen project, not least Dusty Rhodes.  Dusty is a local chap with a personal connection to D-Day. His father was part of the Lord Lavat regiment who landed on the beaches with the Piper Bill Millin.  He survived and then married a French woman who became Dusty’ mother.  Dusty is so inspired by the Fallen project that he is now taking an active part insisted on visiting France for a recoannaisance and who better to join him than Andy Moss!

Dusty and Andy drove across to get to know the locals and check out the infrastructure of the area.  The campsite is fantasitc and that is where we will be staying, just 5 minutes off the beach.  Dusty even grabbed a ganitor who then showed him the local community hall that we may be able to use, it also has a very nice kitchen.

Andy Moss meanwhile was on the beach raking the sand with a stencil which was very sobering for him to say the least.  He was also checking the tide and practical logistics as well as viewing points for the piece.  It will be spectacular.

Dusty has brought his experience working on Bradford Festival some years ago to the Fallen project.  We are now going to embrace the event as a whole and are going to hire a coach to go down to France from Yorkshire to make the whole excursion more affordable for people.  We are also going to have communal food and if anyone fancies playing the guitar then come along!

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