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The Sandinyoureye Team will be installing 9 ice sculptures and a live carve sculpture with chainsaws and all on the 15th December around the Mirror Pool, City Park Bradford.


The sculptures are from a story written by us called  ‘Have you seen Santa?’ We follow the adventures of a Little White fox looking for Santa to give him an important envelope to save Christmas, on the way he encounters many animals that he has been told ‘like to eat little white foxes!’  The sculptures have been made by myself and Andy Moss in our new Sand In Your Eye Ice Studio located in Bradford that runs at a constant -12 degrees.  The sculptures have taken us 18 days to sculpt and have been funded by Bradford Council.

Each Steward will be from Sand In Your Eye and will be pleased to answer all your questions about the story and ice sculpture.

Themes in the Story

The story is a comment upon prejudice and tolerance. The Little White Fox is tolerant of all the animals he meets even though he has been told that they like to eat Little White Foxes, and it is because of this that there is hope he will fulfil his mission.  The story was written specifically with the multicultural city of Bradford in mind where I grew up as well as my travels abroad that opened up opportunities of becoming a sand and ice sculptor through meeting very different types of people.

Competition and cards

There will be free Christmas cards to collect on the day of the Snowy Owl and the Polar Bear.  There will also be a competition on our facebook page where the winner will be the person that gets their photo uploaded to our page ‘liked’ the most.  The prize will be one of the original illustrations.

Theatre Performance by Green Lane Primary School, Brass band, and Mrs Claus telling the story herself

Green Lane Primary school have been working their socks off to bring together an interpretation of the ‘Have you seen Santa?’ story.  There will be a brass band playing all our favourite festive tunes and a reading of the story by non other Mrs Claus herself.


1100 Live carving begins

12:00 Sculptures for the trail are all on display

13:00 Mrs Clause tells the Story of Have you seen Santa

14:00 Green Lane Primary perform ‘Have you seen Santa?’

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